Friday, June 14, 2013

Spinning Class

I've been feeling a little slack since I have posted much recently... and I'm blaming the bronchitis for that but I've had my antibiotics and am feeling much better...

today I'm going over to a work colleaguehouse for a lesson on spinning wool.... why you may ask... well my dad lives on a farm and has 2 alpacas... he's going to be shearing them soon and is happy to give away the fleece (he lives in an area where there are many commercial alpaca farms so he cant sell it)

and considering I havent even spun wool and I have no idea about knitting either I asked a girl at work who I know has experience in spinning wool... so today (eeeekkkk!!!) I get to have a little lesson on spinning wool...

I'm expecting it to be disasterous :P but I will update this afternoon after my lesson

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