Friday, 28 June 2013


I've been a bit slack lately but my excuse is that I've been busy recently so thats why I've been a bit on the quiet side... but with that being said I have heaps to update you on with what I've been up to... so your going to get a bit of a bombardment of posts :)

so now that I've started knitting I decided to get some wool to practice knitting with

this one I thought looked very ladybugish
 this one was just fluffy and pink

this one made me think of a peacock

 this one was very pretty black white and grey and I love grey

and this one made me think of bubblegum

and this was just fluffy and white

 and this one made me think of marshmallows

and I have to admit it is the crappiest wool to knit with... its so easy to drop a stitch, pick up a stitch or loose them all with out being able to find them again...

but it is so fluffy when knitting that I dont care if its hard or time consuming... I'm going to soldier on

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