Friday, 26 July 2013


being the good daughter I am I was up at 4:50 am to take my mother to the airport... so of course when I got back from the airport I didnt want to wake my hubby up so I lay down on the couch and turned the telly on and on came a report about a zonkey... half zebra half donkey... it is the cutest thing I have ever seen

if you want to read more about the zonkey you can read it here

I just couldnt resist showing my soon to be step mum the zonkey because she really wants a donkey for the farm hehe

its so cute and fluffy!!!!

as you can tell fluffy animals tend to get my attention hehe

Thursday, 25 July 2013


yes I am devastated that I was on my third ball of wall knitting my shawl and I dropped about 10-15 stitches... and then I couldnt pink them up..... this wouldve resulted in a huge hole in the middle of my shawl :(.... I tried to undo my knitting and go back a couple of rows... but the further back I went the more difficult it was to find my stitches :( so about 2 weeks of knitting down the drain.... and I've started again... this time I've put on less stitches 90 instead 116 like it was before... but I still cant believe all that hard work has gone down the drain :(

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I have looked high and low for a good chocolate chip recipe and today I have finally achieved my goal... a cookie recipe that works....

I've had the problem of them spreading way too much and there fore being crispy and not nice... then when there is too much flour and they come out funny

but instead of just googling a recipe like I usually do I looked at photos of cookies and clicked on the first couple that had nice pictures.... I ended up deciding on this recipe

and I'm so glad that I did

it is the perfect recipe

the cookies spread a little but not too much and then they puffed up nicely

I admit that I did use self raising flour as well as baking powder but I find sometimes gluten free flour needs a little extra something to help it on its way


Friday, 19 July 2013


what a surprise I've been fabric shopping again :P something new and different for me

this one was in the remnants bin... I love rummaging through them to see what I can find and I always find something at a good price

I saw this flannette fabric on our farm adventure and couldnt resist buying it

this is the fabric that I bought today from lincraft for my skirt for my dress for dads wedding

more lining for the dress

 a very cute clearance fabric couldnt help myself

I did also buy some plain white poplin... but thats just not any where near as interesting as the fabrics I've posted.....

Pillow Case

I found these cute pillow cases in an op shop for an absolute bargain

its hard to tell this one is a light purple colour

and I got 2 of these

watch this space.... at some point in the future I will transform these pillow cases into something better :)


so I went to visit the new lincraft in woden and its huge... I spent about half an hour just wandering around (which I have to say is really quick for me)

I came across these really cute ribbons

 I got this black satin ribbon when we were on our farm adventure.. but I always thought it was a bit too thin

 so I found this thicker one at lin craft today which I think will suit much better

Best Tea Shop Ever!!!

while we were up on our farm adventure (which by the way I cant wait to do again) we went out to orange to go to a tea shop that my soon to be step mum told me about... I love little tea shops and smelling the different types of teas that they have... so we took a drive out to orange to the teahouse... and I couldve easily spent hours in this little store... they had the cutest teapots and tea sets... but seeing as hubby was in the car I wouldve felt guilty if I had spent too much time in there... but I did settle on a black tea (because I havent ever come around to green teas)

 the lady in the shop was really helpful and I'm so glad I had a bit of a chat with her about the different types of tea...

this tea is so yummy that I made 3 pots this morning.... its sooooo yummy 

and I have a feeling that I'll be up half the night but it was worth in :)

Monday, 15 July 2013

Funny Cat

while we were up at the farm it got really cold.. which happens... so every night we had the fire going to keep warm and it was funny that every night the little cat was never far away from the fire... the big cat sometimes came to the fire.. but the little cat was always there

and one night thats what she was doing... it was so cozy and warm in front of the fire when I reached down and patted her belly it was warm too...

I Want A Pony

Oh I so want a pony... after seeing those cute little ponys makes me want one so bad..... theyre soooooo cute

and did I mention fluffy....

so I think I'll put it on my christmas list for Santa because I doubt I'll get one without his help :P

Lost Item Found

ever had that one thing go missing when your moving? well we have moved so many times and we still have some stuff in storage its hard to keep track of things... a few months ago for my nephews birthdays I made cupcakes... I had a cupcake container and it would've been perfect for the cupcakes but I couldnt find it....

well the other day when hubby was cooking the lamb shanks on the bbq and he pull out :

my cupcake container :)

along with a few other bits and pieces


Lamb Shanks

yes I have been deprived in my life... never once before the other day had I had shanks.... and we dont buy lamb very often simply because of the price but hubby decided that this month we would have a little lamb....

and this is what we ended up with

not really the best looking thing but it was so yummy.. and hubby and I made them together

he browned them off on the bbq

and I made up a little stock in the slow cooker with red wine, rosemary and stock

and then we just let them cook for hours


Fresh Juice

yesterday we were supposed to have my sister and her kids over for lunch but instead they couldnt make it but I had already made the juice before I found out they werent coming....

and I love fresh juice over store bought but this is what I juiced

4 red apples
6 mandarines
1 orange
4 kiwi fruit

and I have to say it was pretty tasty...

I did mix mine with a little bit of soda water where as hubby drank his straight

what fruits do you like to juice? and good combos?

Pink Fluffy Scarf

While up and the farm I was knitting away and I said to my soon to be step sister that I would knit her a scarf and showed her a few different colours of wool that I had with me... I had started knitting with a light pink ball of jazz wool (not the easiest to knit with but looks very cute.. but not as soft as the flurry wool)

she ended up picking the light pink that I was knitting with which I ended up finishing in 2 days which I was a bit excited about

I took a picture of it and gave it to her the next day and she was a bit excited :)

I'm impressed with how nice it is and I'm glad she likes it

Chicken Quilt Is Finally Finished

I have been working on this quilt for months and I can finally say its finished... I admit I have put it down from time to time to have a rest but I'm glad its finished with months to spare

 I've taken a photo of each panel

 and what it looks like as a whole

on the back I have a little personalised quote

Marriage is the meeting of two hearts to share love, pain, joy and struggle.  We are proud and honoured to share this privileged moment of celebration with you both

and my little label :)