Friday, 19 July 2013

Best Tea Shop Ever!!!

while we were up on our farm adventure (which by the way I cant wait to do again) we went out to orange to go to a tea shop that my soon to be step mum told me about... I love little tea shops and smelling the different types of teas that they have... so we took a drive out to orange to the teahouse... and I couldve easily spent hours in this little store... they had the cutest teapots and tea sets... but seeing as hubby was in the car I wouldve felt guilty if I had spent too much time in there... but I did settle on a black tea (because I havent ever come around to green teas)

 the lady in the shop was really helpful and I'm so glad I had a bit of a chat with her about the different types of tea...

this tea is so yummy that I made 3 pots this morning.... its sooooo yummy 

and I have a feeling that I'll be up half the night but it was worth in :)

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