Monday, 15 July 2013

Buttons for Chicken Quilt

while making the chicken quilt I spent a lot of time looking for the right buttons to put on it... my inspiration quilt didnt have any buttons but I decided that I had to find some cute buttons for my quilt

so of course I needed all the usual... the farmers, tractor, watering can but then I found some cute ones that were a little bit different

so as you can see I only got a few photos before I attached them to the quilt then I had to take photos of them after

but I think its kind of better this way... because theyre more than just buttons... they add that little bit of character to the quilt that would be missing otherwise..

theres 1 dog button because dad has a dog, the 2 cats are again for the same reason... he does have more sheep than what I put on but its not like I could really attach as many sheep as he has because his flock is still growing...

but anyways you get the point :)

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