Monday, 8 July 2013

Farm Adventure

so we went and stayed with my Dad for 5 days and he lives on a property in the middle of no where... okay maybe not the middle of no where but it was 4 hours away so it took some time.. on our way up there we took our time so it took longer than 4 hours and I had a sick husband in the car (which made the trip seem so much longer)...

so Dad has a nice little property with chickens, a horse, 2 alpacas and some sheep

he also has 2 cats and a dogs as well 

so when we got there Dad said we could put the chickens away and collect the eggs

being that we hadnt collected eggs before hubby stood guard while I collected the eggs and funnily enough the chickens didnt seem to mind :P

and as you can see in the picture my pink gumboots got tested and did the job very nicely

we also had a chance to feed the sheep

 and see the alpaca in the front in this next picture

he chased me and my soon to be step sister in the paddock and hubby was standing in the middle of the paddock with the food...

I have never run so fast in all my life... the alpaca came running at me and my step sister jumped back over the fence and I ran parrallel with the fence until I decided it was safe to jump over the fence....

hubby thought it was so funny and Dad and soon to be stepmum thought it was pretty funny too... but it was probably because I was laughing so hard as I told them the story that I had tears running down my face :P

this is the horse named Grace

everyday we fed the horse carrots and bread.... the first day I was a little scared of her but then not so scared of her by the end of the trip... I think I was just a bit worried about her because she was so big and I know that horses can be unpredictable... but Dad also said that she doesnt just like anyone and let them pat her but by the end of the trip she would follow me around the fences and let me pat her

 it was probably because I kept turning up with food :)

but shes a cute horse :) one time after we fed her carrots she was all happy and galloped around the paddock neighing... it was nice to watch her happy :)

one of the jobs we helped Dad with was getting some bricks from a guy down the road... he ad the cutest little ponys I have ever seen... they were so cute and fluffy

this is the mum

 and this is the little boy

 I think the reason why I liked them so much was because they were so small and so fluffy but the boy was so bold and kept looking to see what we were doing... he was right there in the action

see how little he is

hes so cute and fluffy!!!!!!!

one of the places we visited while we there was a little town called Millthorpe

it was such a nice little town to visit.. so picturesque

Dad said that we had to stop at the Old Mill Cafe and that was the entire reason we went out there

I tried the chocolate brownie and we bought back lemon meringue pies for dessert latter that night

I didnt get a picture of the brownie because I ate it too quickly :P

but the lemon meringue pie was exactly what Dad said... the best one I've had ever

there was even a lolly shop in Millthorpe which I almost missed out on seeing

hubby had wandered down the street while I was in the fabric shop and it was only that the guy at the corner store said something about the lolly shop and my ears pricked up... hubby almost got away with hiding it from me....

well thats our trip in a nut shell.... I'll post some pics later of the fabric and wool that I bought and the scarves that I finished because I had a lot of time to knit which was lovely

in fact the entire trip was so much fun that it was a little disappointing having to pack up and go home but we are home now and its back to work tomorrow

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