Friday, 12 July 2013

My Goal For Tonight

while I'm on paid leave ( a whole different story which I wont go into just now) I've had some time to knit... while we were on our farm adventure I had a chance to knit and knitted my soon to be step sister a scarf and finished it in 2 days whcih I was pretty impressed... well this scarf I've been knitting is for my soon to be step mum (if by some chance you come across this :) surprise I made you a scarf)
so for the past couple of days I've been knitting and got his far:

I've got about a ball and a half of wool left if I sit up and knit as much as I can I could possibly finish the scarf tonight or at least finish knitting the ball of wool that I'm on at the moment...

if I finish my scarf tonight I'll be very happy and go onto a different project tomorrow

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