Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Little Black Gloves

so as you know my dad is getting married in october and their wedding has a vintage theme so I've made a dress that fits in with that theme and my sister is in the process of making her dress from the same era... her boyfriend is also dressing up a little with a top hat and other bits and pieces but of course my hubby wont have a bar of it... I bought  what I thought was a nice white velvet top hat (which was very expensive I should mention) and matching white braces thinking he could wear black trousers and black shirt...

got them home and he took one look and said " its a wedding not a costume party"

which yes I understand that... I just tought it was nice to team with the theme and have a little fun with it.... but no hubby isnt interested so I dont no what he'll look like but not as much fun...

well when I bought the top hat and braces I also bought myself a pair of wrist length black satin gloves to match with my costume... I think they will look good :)

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