Friday, 2 August 2013

Love My New Job

so I didnt post that I was getting a new job but I have :) still in theatres and it was very lucky that I did as my previous job... well how do I put this.. the hospital got sold and laid off a hole bunch of staff... but that worked out okay for me....

well anyways I started at a new job and on Monday we get to wear our new scrubs that we went and ordered last week... I'm so excited... we have navy pants and the top in navy with a bit of hot pink piping on the end... and I did get 1 light pink top.... and I love it!!!!

we also bought some fabric to make hats for the girls... you can see from my previous posts that I have made many hats... I've been there for 3 weeks now and had a different hat each day heheh

so I volunteered tp make the hats for the girls because they were worried how complicated they were.... even though I explained just how easy they were to make...

it honestly didnt take that long to cut them all out last night maybe about an hour to cut out 32 linings and 22 hats

but I have to admit that I did get slightly distracted as I was cutting them out and took a few phone calls :)

today I put them altogether along with catching up with my best friend and doing the grocery shopping... but more importantly the girls picked out lovely fabric

I was very impressed :)

I'll post an update on them when I finish :)

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