Friday, 9 August 2013

Mix and Match Tea Set

I cant remember if I have told you and I cant find a post about it but I've decided that I want a tea set.... actually its probably in the post about the tea from orange (the best tea ever and drinking it as I type)

so hubby found on a second hand website a tea set with all matching tea cups saucers and tea pot and asked if thats what I wanted and I said as nice as the tea set was it wasnt want I wanted...

I want a mad hatter tea set... complete mixed and matched and so far this is what I have

and I love it... it was a bargain buy for 50 cents

next I found

again for 50 cents

and at the same time that I found the second cup I found this

and this was a little more expensive being $8 but I thought it was worth it

the other thing I have is a little plate but I havent taken a photo of it yet but I will  at some point in the future and if I find any more to add to my tea set I'll post :)

love it!!!!!

this is the plate that I didnt have a picture of earlier

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