Friday, August 16, 2013

Regrowing Celery

I saw a post on regrowing celery and hubby thought I was an idiot when I first put the brand newly cut celery stalk sitting in a dish on the window sill.. and after a few days

I left them on the window sill for a month and got another bunch of celery and did it again so I ended up with 4 stalks of celery on the window sill...

the reason I left them so long on the window sill was because its been so cold that I thought they might not make it out in the cold...

but today I finally planted them and hubby had the great idea of putting a soft drink bottle over the top to help them grow and protect them from animals but also as a little greenhouse 

the green pot has newly planted chives in it... not that hubby knows that... it'll be a nice surprise for him :)

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