Sunday, 29 September 2013

Modeling Paste Bears

again another thing to try out and it will probably be going on my cake decorating class cake (wow it feels like I've said that a lot recently :P)

arent they cute :)

Tea Party

So my bestie came over for an afternoon tea/catch up which was really nice so I made a few little bite size treats

ham and cheese muffins

mini custard tarts

tea pot cookies

lots of cookies

tea cup cookie

lovely iced cookies

tea pot

tea cup

dont they look sweet :)

almost too good to eat

:) and we chatted for hours and nibbled while we chatted :)

Modeling Paste Roses

So after making roses in class I was a bit excited to have a go at making them again :)

and I got to test out my new petal dust.. how beautiful is my rose :)

Pink Plate

I was in a little shop the other day and found this cute little plate :)

and thought I'd add it to my collection :)

My First Modeling Paste

I have to admit it was pretty exciting to have to make modeling paste and when I was saying to my teacher that I really enjoyed making it... she thought I was being sarcastic.... and I really wasnt I promise

I really did have fun making modeling paste

you pretty much start out like making royal icing

then add the cmc and copha

and it turned into

dont forget that its really important to keep your modeling paste or fondant covered when not working with it and homemade modeling paste will dry much much quicker

but its much more enjoyable to work with a product that I made and know exactly whats in it

anyone made modeling paste?

Modeling Paste Tea Set

I didnt take pictures step by step but all I did was flatted a small ball of modeling paste and used the ball tool in circles in the middle... I pressed slightly in the middle to give the dent

and my cute little tea pot

Modeling Paste Sandwiches Take 2

so I had a second attempt at making sandwiches for my last cake decorating class cake

this time I did it a little different to last time

I started with a bigger square cutter

rolled out the white modeling paste much thicker

cut out 2 squares

rolled the green modeling paste out really thin

and cut out 1 square

and then put them altogether

with a little flower glue between the layers

with a sharp knife I cut them into quarters

so 1 square made 4 little sandwiches which was exactly what I needed

I made a little plate for them but didnt end up taking a picture of it

Modeling Paste Tea Cup

So final cake decorating class cake  :) we can start making all our decorations and stuff so I have gone just about mad with excitement :)

so I had one attempt but then decided that I wanted the cups to be hollow

so I started with a ball of modeling paste and this modeling tool

I pushed into the centre of the ball and made a dent

moved it around the edges making the centre of the cup (you can be quite firm with the modeling paste)

 then I used my finger to make the edges even

then I started with a small sausage of modeling paste

then rolled it thinner

made a 9 shape

added a small amount of flower glue

add the handle

and you end up with a cute little tea cup