Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cake Decorating Class Week 3

So I was a bit slack in posting so I thought I'd better post quickly before it all gets too much :P

so week 3 was daisies and frangipanis... this I absolutely loved

we did the daisies first and I did mine in all white were as some people did yellow centres.. I didn't like using polenta.. but later in the week I tried using yellow jelly crystals which I liked and worked much more for me..

so this is my first daisy

and I had time to make another one so I decided to make a small one :)

so after that we made frangipanis

now this one looked a lot easier than it actually was

but anyways we started with 5 petals

layers on top

then rolled

I was really happy with how my frangipanis came out :)

what do you think?? anyone have any tricks when it comes to daisies or frangipanis?

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