Saturday, September 28, 2013

How to Colour Modeling Paste or Fondant

this is something I didnt know until doing my cake decorating class and the funny thing is it sounds really simple....

so liquid food colouring that you can buy at the supermarket are not good

(dont worry I wont tell anyone if you dont)

the gel food colourings are the best ones to use.... so I've ordered a starter pack of wilton food colouring gels that I'm waiting to arrive (but I do have a few colours that I have bought before)

so you start with your fondant or modeling paste

tooth picks

and your food colouring

dip your tooth pick in your colour

add to modeling paste or fondant

kneed through

and you have coloured modeling paste or fondant

you can buy fondant pre coloured which can be good especially for colours like red black and brown :)

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