Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Op Shop Finds

so again something new and different for me I was looking through an op shop and came across this tea cup

it was an absolute bargain and when I turned it over to see what brand it was... I found out it was a Shelley tea cup... so I was even more impressed with my find :)

now this tea cup I bought on ebay.. and I found that it was hard to see just how big it was.. so when it arrived I was kind of glad I didnt pay anything more than I did

 the Shelley tea cup is a normal sized tea cup.. this picture gives a really good comparison with the size of the little tea cup

 this was another op shop find but isnt anything fancy or even branded... I saw the sweet little flowers and couldnt resist :)

theres something op shops and antique shops when it comes to tea cups... it makes the tea cup feel different.. because someone else love or used the tea cup before me.. its almost like it has history..

some people would be grossed out by someone else using a tea cup before them... and that someone else being a stranger.. but my lovely dishwasher does such a wonderful job it doesnt bother me at all :)

anyone else find a good antique shop or op shop that they love?

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