Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Princess Jug

so I've got myself a favourite antique store at the moment... its a few minutes from work and the store is layed out so beautifully and the items are really looked after.. I've been to other antique stores were even their tea cups are covered in dirt and dust (and probably more disgusting things than I care to think about when it comes to tea cup which people drink out of)

but this store is lovely... and the staff are really nice too :)

so on my second trip to this store I stumbled across this jug

I love that its pink and thats one of the first things that caught my attention.... its quite a big jug

the second thing that I saw was the tag saying princess jug so of course I had to pick it up and see for myself

and that sealed it for me... I had to have the princess jug :)

anyone else have to have something like this?

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