Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My First Cake Post Cake Decorating Class

So today is my brother's birthday.. if he lived closer I would have made a cake for him (but he's about 3 hours away from me).  its also one of the eye doctors birthday today that I work with... so we decided that he needed a cake (and I have to say the orthoptist said he was pretty chuffed :) )

so being that we do a lot of injections with him and that he's an ophthalmologist I decided to make a cake like a snellen chart with a syringe and speculum.....

so this is what a snellen chart is ( the chart that the optometrist uses to check your eyes)

and this is what a speculum looks like

we use the speculum to open the patients eye to give the injection into the eye......

so I decided to make a chocolate mud cake

so first I trimmed my cake

then ganached it

and covered it with fondant

it may be hard to see in the picture but I could see some chocolate through the white fondant and decided to add another layer of fondant

the I sealed it with royal icing

I ended up putting stars around the bottom of the cake and this is a close up of the stars

so I cut the letter out and arranged them until I was happy with them then glued them on

this is the whole cake :)

a close up of the syringe

close up of speculum

I was so happy with the end result and everyone was taking pictures of it and saying how good it looked :) I was sooooooooo pleased with how it turned out.... and the doctor didnt want to cut it but we took a knife around and he cut it :) we sent him home with the syringe and speculum as well as plenty of cake for him and his family :)

everyone loved the cake (which is the most important part) and it was loved and goey and moist (unlike the caramel mud cake which was dry the next day)

the funny part about it is my husband piped up with wheres my cake... he hadnt realised that I had ganached the cut offs for him to try :)

Celebrating Vegemite's 90th Birthday

So I'm a bit late posting about this but it still counts... I am a true aussie when it comes to vegemite :) I love the stuff... there's something nice about it when it comes to breakfast (or anytime I should say)...

I celebrated vegemite's 90th birthday by having vegemite toast and a cup of tea for breakfast

being that I have grown up eating vegemite it has become a normal spread for me... I would love to hear from anyone who isnt aussie that has tried vegemite and what they think.... or if there is an aussie out there that doesnt like vegemite? (If there even is one)

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Another Whirlwind Adventure

so Monday I will update you on everything that's happened since the last time I posted (including my last cake decorating class... very exciting :D  )

but for now its just a quick word because my hubby's truck is finally ready to be picked up so we are making a trip up to Sydney to pick it up....

hubby's Nonna has been really unwell recently and has recently been in a hostel for respite... so of course I have to have a sticky beak at how shes doing and check up on her... the hard thing about being a nurse is having a family member be unwell... having that extra understanding can sometimes make it worse for me... the good thing about Nonna is even though I'm a bit of a drive away I can usually relay information back to my FIL to make sure she gets the help that she needs and to ask the right questions... the bad thing is sometimes I'm the one who ends up having to have the hard conversations with people because I am a nurse....

one thing I do have to say is that Nonna is an absolutely amazing person which I am proud to have met and have her as part of my life. she has had a huge impact on my life as well as my husband's life and when the time comes that she does go from the world will be an extremely sad day... but for now each day we get to have with her is treasured and I love my husband more (if that's even possible :)  ) when I see how treats his Nonna and how proud he is to be her grandson.  

I cant wait to see her again and have a conversation with her (half of which will be in Italian which I dont speak at all :P   ) 

anyways :) for now I just get to look forward to seeing her tomorrow :)

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Spring Cleaning

I have to admit its nice to do a bit of spring cleaning :) it makes me feel a little more prepared for summer when were more likely to see people... in our new house (when we eventually build.. it feels like its going to take forever) it will be much nicer because its going to be our home...  when your renting its different... you have no say over the colour of the walls or curtains and we've often ended up with houses that are either overly expensive (like were we are now) or having to find use for rooms that we dont really need or using rooms for a different use then they were probably intended by the people who originally bought the house... but thats the price you pay for renting...

and just to clarify I'm not complaining just making an observation...

any ways back to cleaning... does anyone have any good natural recipes for cleaning supplies?

I use chemicals and stuff now but I would prefer something more natural :)

I have to admit it always feels good after we've had a real good clean :)

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Fires in NSW

right now there are lots of fires burning in NSW... I have friends and family in areas that are close to the fires... thank you to the firefighters and SES workers that are out there putting their lives at risk... I hope everyone is staying safe xxoo

for more up to date information on the fires

Cake Decorating Class 5

okay so next week is the final cake class which I'm a little sad about but its been really good learning all about cake decorating.... so this week we were doing shapes on wires and covering cake boards in fondant... so the class started simply and I wasnt overly worried... I havent had much trouble with anything in  cake decorating class (other than the piping) and the teacher has been saying how we're a really good class and really quick... so I was fussing away with my shapes on wire then it was my turn to do my fondant and most people had circle boards but me and another girl had square boards...

our teacher explained in the beginning that if you have a square board you start with a square and roll out in a square... if you have a circle board you start with a circle and roll in a circle....

well lets just say my square was very lop sided that it didnt look like any kind of shape that I ever learned about.. so I scrunched it up and started again.. as a result I ended up with heaps of air bubbles... so after my second attempt at starting again my teacher came and helped me.... she got me about half way and asked if she did it for me would I practice at home....

I flat out said no

at this point the fact that I hadnt thrown the fondant across the room was a big thing because I was so frustrated with it..... my teacher did laugh at my response and another student said at least I was honest... so I kept going and it kept getting more and more wonky in the end she helped me more than anyone else and I promised that I would practice at home (thats my homework)

the shape on wire... no trouble at all... my teacher said from across the room that she liked my bees :) which I was pretty impressed with 

so heres my fondant covered board

and my little butterfly and bee :)

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Farm Jobs

when we go to visit dad at his farm he's learned to have jobs for us to do.. that we don't spend much time inside.. and he always has plenty to do on the farm... dad knows that I'll collect the eggs, let the chickens in and out and feed the horse as well as any other jobs he has for us...

I didnt get a chance to give grace a big brush (especially because the kids were there)

grace can get a bit funny and you could tell when the kids were around her she would get a bit annoyed if they were bothering her

and I know the kids would want to help brush grace and I could see bad things happening if that was the case... and not that grace would deliberately hurt one of the kids its just that they wouldnt necessarily understand when she was getting annoyed...

usually when I give her a brush I usually feed her carrots and talk to her before she moves along the fence and lets me brush her....

but next time I'll give her a brush

one job we did have again was watering the orchard... so my 5 year old nephew came up with us a day early so he wanted to help water the trees.... and he was being really cute watering the trees and I took a picture to show mum how helpful he was being so then he wanted to have a picture taken at each tree...

and the apple tree is looking really good :)

I cant wait it to have apples and be able to taste them :)

if you read an earlier post you would see about the little lamb

this is one of the first patches in the veggie patch that I started weeding... and there were heaps of weeds

I was pretty impressed with my efforts :) I managed to fill up a bin and then some... and the sunday morning I started again in the veggie patch and half filled the bin...

not a bad effort if I do say so myself :)

it was nice to get out in the garden and hubby had a little laugh about pre marinating the lamb as she lay in between the garlic and munched on the mulch.... hubby said they needed to plant rosemary in for the lamb to lay between...

funniest thing was that the sunday morning I was chatting away to my new step mum and tiger lily started nibbling on the dirt in the rosemary pot :P


most importantly I didnt get burnt and I had a great time :)

I cant wait for my next visit to the farm :)

Nikki Had A Little Lamb

OMG!!!!!!! dad had the cutest little lamb I have ever seen.... she was beyond cute..... so much so that I wanted to take her home :)

she's been named tiger lily (by my step sister)

while weeding the veggie patch tiger lily decided to join us and snooze in between the garlic

look at that sweet little face

she decided that she would taste the maddock I was using

feeding her :)

she was so cute when she was hungry she would start bleating and but me in the leg as well as tapping me with her hoof :) it was the cutest little thing I had ever seen

if I started bleating back at her she would come running... my brother just laughed when he saw tiger lily run after me when I started bleating

I was walking away with my 2 nephews and tiger lily was following us... then she realised that dad was left behind and she went running back jumping around sooooo cute...

Dad's Wedding :)

So it was absolutely beautiful... they picked the perfect spot to get married at a wild life park were emus walked around....
we walked up a path to get to the ruins which is were they got married..

of course the bride was beautiful and the bridesmaids and flower girls looked perfect :)

the bridal party

this is the picture I showed the hair dresser (hair by hair) and I was so happy with the results :)

this is me and my sister

you can see the ruins in the background here (with my hubby)

it was a fantastic night I loved all the little touches :)

the lolly buffet with kiwi lollies (shes a kiwi) and Dad's favourite lollies that he used to sell when he had a toy shop... all the table names were places in new zealand

the napkins that my step grandmother (now) painstakingly made each and every one of them

they had little bottles as a favour to fill up at the lolly buffet

table settings

the lolly buffet

the cakes

they had 3 different types of cupcakes (sticky date, mint and strawberry) and they had the top tier that was fruit cake 

we danced.. drank and ate

it was a beautiful wedding and I'm so happy that it turned out perfectly for them :)

now I have another sister to add to the bunch I already have :)