Thursday, October 24, 2013

Another Whirlwind Adventure

so Monday I will update you on everything that's happened since the last time I posted (including my last cake decorating class... very exciting :D  )

but for now its just a quick word because my hubby's truck is finally ready to be picked up so we are making a trip up to Sydney to pick it up....

hubby's Nonna has been really unwell recently and has recently been in a hostel for respite... so of course I have to have a sticky beak at how shes doing and check up on her... the hard thing about being a nurse is having a family member be unwell... having that extra understanding can sometimes make it worse for me... the good thing about Nonna is even though I'm a bit of a drive away I can usually relay information back to my FIL to make sure she gets the help that she needs and to ask the right questions... the bad thing is sometimes I'm the one who ends up having to have the hard conversations with people because I am a nurse....

one thing I do have to say is that Nonna is an absolutely amazing person which I am proud to have met and have her as part of my life. she has had a huge impact on my life as well as my husband's life and when the time comes that she does go from the world will be an extremely sad day... but for now each day we get to have with her is treasured and I love my husband more (if that's even possible :)  ) when I see how treats his Nonna and how proud he is to be her grandson.  

I cant wait to see her again and have a conversation with her (half of which will be in Italian which I dont speak at all :P   ) 

anyways :) for now I just get to look forward to seeing her tomorrow :)

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