Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cake Decorating Class 5

okay so next week is the final cake class which I'm a little sad about but its been really good learning all about cake decorating.... so this week we were doing shapes on wires and covering cake boards in fondant... so the class started simply and I wasnt overly worried... I havent had much trouble with anything in  cake decorating class (other than the piping) and the teacher has been saying how we're a really good class and really quick... so I was fussing away with my shapes on wire then it was my turn to do my fondant and most people had circle boards but me and another girl had square boards...

our teacher explained in the beginning that if you have a square board you start with a square and roll out in a square... if you have a circle board you start with a circle and roll in a circle....

well lets just say my square was very lop sided that it didnt look like any kind of shape that I ever learned about.. so I scrunched it up and started again.. as a result I ended up with heaps of air bubbles... so after my second attempt at starting again my teacher came and helped me.... she got me about half way and asked if she did it for me would I practice at home....

I flat out said no

at this point the fact that I hadnt thrown the fondant across the room was a big thing because I was so frustrated with it..... my teacher did laugh at my response and another student said at least I was honest... so I kept going and it kept getting more and more wonky in the end she helped me more than anyone else and I promised that I would practice at home (thats my homework)

the shape on wire... no trouble at all... my teacher said from across the room that she liked my bees :) which I was pretty impressed with 

so heres my fondant covered board

and my little butterfly and bee :)

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