Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dad's Wedding :)

So it was absolutely beautiful... they picked the perfect spot to get married at a wild life park were emus walked around....
we walked up a path to get to the ruins which is were they got married..

of course the bride was beautiful and the bridesmaids and flower girls looked perfect :)

the bridal party

this is the picture I showed the hair dresser (hair by hair) and I was so happy with the results :)

this is me and my sister

you can see the ruins in the background here (with my hubby)

it was a fantastic night I loved all the little touches :)

the lolly buffet with kiwi lollies (shes a kiwi) and Dad's favourite lollies that he used to sell when he had a toy shop... all the table names were places in new zealand

the napkins that my step grandmother (now) painstakingly made each and every one of them

they had little bottles as a favour to fill up at the lolly buffet

table settings

the lolly buffet

the cakes

they had 3 different types of cupcakes (sticky date, mint and strawberry) and they had the top tier that was fruit cake 

we danced.. drank and ate

it was a beautiful wedding and I'm so happy that it turned out perfectly for them :)

now I have another sister to add to the bunch I already have :)

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