Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Farm Jobs

when we go to visit dad at his farm he's learned to have jobs for us to do.. that we don't spend much time inside.. and he always has plenty to do on the farm... dad knows that I'll collect the eggs, let the chickens in and out and feed the horse as well as any other jobs he has for us...

I didnt get a chance to give grace a big brush (especially because the kids were there)

grace can get a bit funny and you could tell when the kids were around her she would get a bit annoyed if they were bothering her

and I know the kids would want to help brush grace and I could see bad things happening if that was the case... and not that grace would deliberately hurt one of the kids its just that they wouldnt necessarily understand when she was getting annoyed...

usually when I give her a brush I usually feed her carrots and talk to her before she moves along the fence and lets me brush her....

but next time I'll give her a brush

one job we did have again was watering the orchard... so my 5 year old nephew came up with us a day early so he wanted to help water the trees.... and he was being really cute watering the trees and I took a picture to show mum how helpful he was being so then he wanted to have a picture taken at each tree...

and the apple tree is looking really good :)

I cant wait it to have apples and be able to taste them :)

if you read an earlier post you would see about the little lamb

this is one of the first patches in the veggie patch that I started weeding... and there were heaps of weeds

I was pretty impressed with my efforts :) I managed to fill up a bin and then some... and the sunday morning I started again in the veggie patch and half filled the bin...

not a bad effort if I do say so myself :)

it was nice to get out in the garden and hubby had a little laugh about pre marinating the lamb as she lay in between the garlic and munched on the mulch.... hubby said they needed to plant rosemary in for the lamb to lay between...

funniest thing was that the sunday morning I was chatting away to my new step mum and tiger lily started nibbling on the dirt in the rosemary pot :P


most importantly I didnt get burnt and I had a great time :)

I cant wait for my next visit to the farm :)

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