Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My First Cake Post Cake Decorating Class

So today is my brother's birthday.. if he lived closer I would have made a cake for him (but he's about 3 hours away from me).  its also one of the eye doctors birthday today that I work with... so we decided that he needed a cake (and I have to say the orthoptist said he was pretty chuffed :) )

so being that we do a lot of injections with him and that he's an ophthalmologist I decided to make a cake like a snellen chart with a syringe and speculum.....

so this is what a snellen chart is ( the chart that the optometrist uses to check your eyes)

and this is what a speculum looks like

we use the speculum to open the patients eye to give the injection into the eye......

so I decided to make a chocolate mud cake

so first I trimmed my cake

then ganached it

and covered it with fondant

it may be hard to see in the picture but I could see some chocolate through the white fondant and decided to add another layer of fondant

the I sealed it with royal icing

I ended up putting stars around the bottom of the cake and this is a close up of the stars

so I cut the letter out and arranged them until I was happy with them then glued them on

this is the whole cake :)

a close up of the syringe

close up of speculum

I was so happy with the end result and everyone was taking pictures of it and saying how good it looked :) I was sooooooooo pleased with how it turned out.... and the doctor didnt want to cut it but we took a knife around and he cut it :) we sent him home with the syringe and speculum as well as plenty of cake for him and his family :)

everyone loved the cake (which is the most important part) and it was loved and goey and moist (unlike the caramel mud cake which was dry the next day)

the funny part about it is my husband piped up with wheres my cake... he hadnt realised that I had ganached the cut offs for him to try :)

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