Sunday, October 20, 2013

Spring Cleaning

I have to admit its nice to do a bit of spring cleaning :) it makes me feel a little more prepared for summer when were more likely to see people... in our new house (when we eventually build.. it feels like its going to take forever) it will be much nicer because its going to be our home...  when your renting its different... you have no say over the colour of the walls or curtains and we've often ended up with houses that are either overly expensive (like were we are now) or having to find use for rooms that we dont really need or using rooms for a different use then they were probably intended by the people who originally bought the house... but thats the price you pay for renting...

and just to clarify I'm not complaining just making an observation...

any ways back to cleaning... does anyone have any good natural recipes for cleaning supplies?

I use chemicals and stuff now but I would prefer something more natural :)

I have to admit it always feels good after we've had a real good clean :)

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