Monday, 25 November 2013

I Think I've Gone Mad

I cant believe it but I'm starting to think that I need to be tested.. I must be going mad :P

so my dad and step mum are starting up a before and after school care and have decided to have a special day on the 23rd of December... they are advertising in the newspaper and everything :)... they asked my husband and I to do some things on the 23rd since we will be up there any way... so being that my hubby is a chef they thought it would be a good idea to do some cooking with the kids and for me to do some craft with the kids, being that I'm a bit crafty....

hubby is a bit unsure about cooking with kids but when I suggested decorating pre made cup cakes and cutting fruit out with cookie cutter and putting them on skewers he started to come around to it could possibly be fun :)

so for the craft side of it I'm thinking of making Christmas cards and Christmas tags... I was trying to think of something else Christmasy 

if anyone can think of a good thing to do with primary school aged kids I would love to hear

so then my dad and step mum had a great idea to have the kids wear hats and aprons and commissioned me to make them for them.... and so Nikkipants Creations was born :P

so I'll explain in a later post about Nikkipants Creations when all the kinks have been worked out and everything is up and running :)

watch this space

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Test Cake Success

So my cute little Christmas tree foam model that I took in was a success... the lady at work loved it and loved the cake (which is the most important) so Now I just cant wait to be able to make it :) in 4 weeks time I will be handing the cake over :) and in 2 weeks time I'll be making a cake for one of my doctors at work.... this time its going to be a car cake because he loves cars :) and in 6 weeks time I'll be making the train cake for my nephew :)

its going to be a busy time for me :) it might be a good idea to get some of the fondant decorations done soon :)

I'll keep you posted

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Test Christmas Cake

So after I made the cake for the doctor at work I had a lady at work that asked me to make a cake for her for Christmas in the shape of a Christmas tree... so I had to do a bit of looking around to see what kind of tin I would need and I ended up finding a croquembouche tin that I thought would work best...

so before I made a cake for someone else in a tin I've never used before I wanted to do a test

so I started with covering the board in fondant... but being that I didnt let it dry for a few days like I'm supposed to it wasnt that great

so now this is the cake after it came out of the tin and I had done a little cutting

this is just the bottom were I filled in where needed

the best thing is that I figured out I need to add more fruit and nuts to the cake :)

so then I made the ganache

now I didnt take any pictures here (sorry my bad) but I ganached the cake then covered it in fondant then did a second layer of fondant with the leaves and used royal icing to stick the gold decorations on

lets just say I dont like it... it doesnt look like I wanted it to :) so I'm glad I did a test cake to figure out how I wanted it to look

so I was trying to figure out how to do what I wanted and remembered early one morning this weekend while waking up that I had leaf cutters from my cake decorating course and that would work the way I wanted

so these are the cutter

and I started with a small polystyrene tree shape

and a small board

I glued the cone to the board with some royal icing

and went to work with my cutters and royal icing :)

now its far from perfect but it is what I was trying to get in the tree department... 

the things I want to change:

I want the fondant to be much a darker green (so I need to source a dark green which is easy enough)
I want to conceal the royal icing better when attaching the leaves
I want to conceal the royal icing when attaching the decorations
I want to make candy cane decorations
I want to have a base on the Christmas cake

I know I can do all of this and that I will spend a lot more time putting it together rather than just chucking it together in about 20 mins

I'm sure I will haave pictures of the cake when I finish it :)

Baby Shower

it was a great baby shower :) I just had to share how cute the cake was :)

my friend's sister did a fabulous job :) what do you think?

Baby Shower

I'm excited :) I'm going to a baby shower this afternoon... you cant tell that I'm clucky or love babies can you? :P 

we this baby shower is for my best friends sister... who is a funny little thing...
I ran into her at the shops and I was asking all about her baby and how everything was going and she had just had her 20 week scan tell her the sex of the baby.... she was very disappointed that she was having a boy saying that she should be having a girl both her older sisters had girls first and her mum and grandmother so by her logic she should be having a girl too :P being that her partner has 2 boys from a previous relationship it didnt surprise me that she was having a boy...

at the end of the day all you really need to hope for is a happy healthy baby and I hope that she has finally come around to that thinking...

for the baby shower I made some cookies for the prizes for the games... 

my friend said that the baby shower theme was blue :) and I had some baby shaped cookie cutters so put some together :)

anyways I'm about to head off to this baby shower :) have a good afternoon

Friday, 8 November 2013

Melbourne Cup

So Melbourne Cup was on Tuesday and work was quiet we got together with the girls next door for lunch
so I made some ham and cheese muffins with chives and cream cheese topping

some horse biscuits

 and I mean a lot of horse cookies

cupcakes with the numbers of the horses

close up of the numbers and horse shoe

I also made Melbourne Cup hats

complete with button hole to attach a hair piece

with hair piece attached

me with my hat on :)

this is our table that we set up in the patient waiting area in front of the tv

complete with emergency bed disposable  sheet

we ended up doing a sweepstakes and these are the horses I got

it was the first time I won on a horse for Melbourne Cup :) and my number 6 cupcake was still there so I decided that it was meant to be :)

what did everyone do for Melbourne Cup? anyone dress up?