Friday, November 8, 2013

Melbourne Cup

So Melbourne Cup was on Tuesday and work was quiet we got together with the girls next door for lunch
so I made some ham and cheese muffins with chives and cream cheese topping

some horse biscuits

 and I mean a lot of horse cookies

cupcakes with the numbers of the horses

close up of the numbers and horse shoe

I also made Melbourne Cup hats

complete with button hole to attach a hair piece

with hair piece attached

me with my hat on :)

this is our table that we set up in the patient waiting area in front of the tv

complete with emergency bed disposable  sheet

we ended up doing a sweepstakes and these are the horses I got

it was the first time I won on a horse for Melbourne Cup :) and my number 6 cupcake was still there so I decided that it was meant to be :)

what did everyone do for Melbourne Cup? anyone dress up?

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