Sunday, November 17, 2013

Test Christmas Cake

So after I made the cake for the doctor at work I had a lady at work that asked me to make a cake for her for Christmas in the shape of a Christmas tree... so I had to do a bit of looking around to see what kind of tin I would need and I ended up finding a croquembouche tin that I thought would work best...

so before I made a cake for someone else in a tin I've never used before I wanted to do a test

so I started with covering the board in fondant... but being that I didnt let it dry for a few days like I'm supposed to it wasnt that great

so now this is the cake after it came out of the tin and I had done a little cutting

this is just the bottom were I filled in where needed

the best thing is that I figured out I need to add more fruit and nuts to the cake :)

so then I made the ganache

now I didnt take any pictures here (sorry my bad) but I ganached the cake then covered it in fondant then did a second layer of fondant with the leaves and used royal icing to stick the gold decorations on

lets just say I dont like it... it doesnt look like I wanted it to :) so I'm glad I did a test cake to figure out how I wanted it to look

so I was trying to figure out how to do what I wanted and remembered early one morning this weekend while waking up that I had leaf cutters from my cake decorating course and that would work the way I wanted

so these are the cutter

and I started with a small polystyrene tree shape

and a small board

I glued the cone to the board with some royal icing

and went to work with my cutters and royal icing :)

now its far from perfect but it is what I was trying to get in the tree department... 

the things I want to change:

I want the fondant to be much a darker green (so I need to source a dark green which is easy enough)
I want to conceal the royal icing better when attaching the leaves
I want to conceal the royal icing when attaching the decorations
I want to make candy cane decorations
I want to have a base on the Christmas cake

I know I can do all of this and that I will spend a lot more time putting it together rather than just chucking it together in about 20 mins

I'm sure I will haave pictures of the cake when I finish it :)

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