Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Adventure

So i should have left a note the other day saying that i was off on Christmas holidays and i would post again in the new year but i forgot so i thought i would do it now :) so I'm off well i was off yesterday so i hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas and i can't wait until next year :) 

Friday, 20 December 2013

Beer Cooler Cake

My sisters boyfriend's birthday is on Christmas day.. which I feel a bit sorry for him that he has to share his birthday with everyone else.. so I thought I'd make a cake for his birthday and give it to him before Christmas so he would feel a little bit special :) so this is what it looks like

His favourite colour is yellow which is why everything is yellow :) and he loved it

Christmas Tree Cake

So one of the ladies I work with is officially my first paying customer (which is a bit exciting) and she asked for a Christmas Tree Cake and I have to say I was pretty excited about making it for her.. this is what it looked like

I had so much fun making the cake and I was soooo pleased with how it turned out... it had little decorations and candy canes on the tree as well as a beautiful star on top :)

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Officially Online

I'm a bit excited to say :) but is officially online :) I will let you know when items are for sale but for the moment have a little look around and see what you think :)

I should also mention that we have a facebook page and you can like our page :)

Monday, 16 December 2013

Coming Soon Nursing Hats

So more things that I have been sewing up a storm with, and I have to say I'm super proud of how many hats I've managed to make in such a short time as well as going to work :)

so this is what I have so far with more to come

Again the Christmas Hats won't be available until next year
Any thoughts?

Coming Soon Chef Hats

This is soooooo exciting :) I've been sewing up a storm :) and I'm excited to show everyone what I have been up to... so after producing 20 chef hats and aprons in a weeks time, I thought how hard could it be if  to whip up some more... so I did :)

these are some pictures of what will soon be available for purchase.. (so get saving :P)

the Christmas Hats won't be available until next year.. I have many more waiting to be sewn as we speak... which I hope will be done by the time I'm ready to open my shop online :)

What's everyone's thoughts?

Monday, 2 December 2013

Children's Chef Hats

So reading earlier in my post you will come across the plan to make chef hats and aprons for my Dad's OOSH and I'm pretty impressed with myself in just over a week (while working my normal hours plus getting ready for accreditation tomorrow) I have managed to to make 20 children's chef hats and 20 children's aprons :) I posted them off to Dad today

so this is what the hats looked like

and the aprons looked like this

I would love to know what you think of my chef hats and aprons and if anyone is interesting in buying them they should be available soon :)