Sunday, December 1, 2013

Best Thing About My Work

the best thing about my work is.....

that they will taste test anything :) well on our side everyone is on a diet but on the other side they will demolish everything... so I have a recipe I'm testing out... I've tested out the chocolate mud cake on them and they loved it... so now I'm testing the caramel mud cake on them... and I have to say they are willing participants :) which is the best part of it all....

for Melbourne cup I tested a new icing recipe I was testing out and they were all really helpful... and I probably would've been really helpful to someone who was wanting me to taste test something :)

but then I need to know... has anyone taste tested something that looked horrible but was actually really yummy?

you can't tell I'm easily distracted :P

anyways this is my caramel mud cake with caramel swiss butter cream will let you know how it is received tomorrow :)

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