Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Hats!!!

Yay!!!!! its finally the first of December :) and after writing that first sentence it trigger my very weird brain into remembering that I had wrapped up advent calenders for us this year and put them under the Christmas tree were I knew my hubby wouldnt find them :) and he got really excited when I told him that he could open a Christmas present early and then as I was digging through the presents he said he didnt want to open any presents early until he realised it was his advent calender....

anyways after going off on a tangent I'll get back to what I was originally posting about... Christmas Hats!!!

the whole of December deserves Christmas hats :)

so one of the girls at work found some beautiful fabric (pink of course)

so we now all have hats :)

so then I needed a few more Christmas hats so I added these to my collection :)

I have to say this is my favourite one :) look how sweet the little letters are :)

I cant wait to wear them this week :)

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