Thursday, 30 January 2014

Aeroplane Cake

So the lady at work loved my Christmas tree cake and her son is turning 8 on Sunday and she asked for an aeroplane cake, chocolate of course, and when I asked what colours he liked.. she said camo colours.... not the easiest of colours but I managed to work with it :) pretty impressed with how it turned out

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Friday, 24 January 2014

Exciting News

I have exciting news :) nikkipants creations is up and running for business :) at the moment we have some beautiful nursing hats for sale... but keep a close eye as more items will be up for sale shortly :)

for the first 20 buyers enter the code WEL145 to receive 10% off your purchase.... but hurry it all ends the 15th of February 2014

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Swimming This Week :)

I thought I wouldnt blog every single time I go swimming but instead have a little bit of a recap for the week... not that anyone really care but it helps me keep going and thats the most important thing.  so this week I went swimming 6 out of 7 days (which is a lot I know and it probably wont happen like that every week) and as a total I swam 4.8km.. which when you think about it is huge.... :) and I'm pretty proud of myself.. the other thing that was different this week was that I played squash with my hubby and sister then afterwards we took the kids to the pool and swan for a good 2 and a half hours... and I have to say I was pretty proud of my nephews... I spent ages with my 2 year old nephew who was very scared of the water and spent the beginning clung to me like a koala... and although my sister was unsure about him wearing goggles I convinced her to let me try and see how we went.... so we started off slowly getting him used to going under the water and that he was okay... I helped him to float on his back which took a little bit of convincing but he did it well and then I had him jumping in the pool... he was still holding my hands as he did it but I didnt think I would have him asking to jump in the pool... and it was funny in the end both my sister and hubby had piked and it was just me and the kids in the pool and thats when I started encouraging the 5 year old to have a go starting out small and seeing that his younger brother could do it gave him that little bit of confidence to have a hubby made a comment later that I had a lot of patience with the kids in the pool and it was hard to explain (and I dont think I ever could explain) that it was as much fun for the kids as it was for me... there was no stress and the kids were great :)

maybe we'll have another trip to the pool next week :)

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Completed Pillowcase Dress

after it cooled down last night I went up and finished off the pillow case dress 

this is what it looks like :)

Monday, 13 January 2014

Pillow Case Dress

So right now I would love to be in my pink room sewing my little heart out.... the problem being that its 32 degrees (thats almost 90 degrees Fahrenheit) and being that heat rises it means that my pink room is stifling hot... so hot that I was up there and it didnt take long before I was straight back down stairs with pink little cheeks... 

and whats more annoying is that I was in the middle of making pillow case dresses.. which I thought were really quiet sweet and I really want to keep working on them being that these will be my first pillow case dresses ever... hopefully they will turn out as expected..

Swimming Again

This morning I got up early and headed to the pool to swim again :) my swimmers are an incredibly ugly blue colour but I think of them as my Dory swimmers... hubby and I have the joke of "just keep swimming" and I often think about that as I swim :) a little motivation never hurt anyone

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sunday Swimming

this morning I went swimming and for more than an hour my hubby sat and watched... why? because he decided he didnt want to go swimming... which was fine by me... but when ever he asked me if it was time to go I said no... it was time to go when I was tired.... so I did 26 laps with my kick board and 10 laps breast stroke (which is the only stroke I really remember from swimming lessons as a child)... we literally walk out of the swimming pool complex and hubby stated complaining it was hot and that he wanted to go swimming (jokingly)....

so after some lunch and rearranging the garage hubby said we should go swimming again but that the pool probably wasnt open still being a Sunday... so a quick search online showed that it was open until 7pm... so off we went to go swimming and I did about 15 more laps of breast stroke and floated and played in the water for about an hour and a half.... by the time we got out I was thinking it must be dinner time because I am hungry :)

another good day swimming

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Upcoming Nursing Hats

I have been busily sewing away and have some more hats that will soon be for sale on my website

these along with many other designs will be available soon at

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My First Time Swimming

So today was my first time going to the pool to go swimming :) so I was swimming up and back the 25m pool for 45 mins and I'm so proud of myself... I did 34 laps :) yay me

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

New Years Resolution

most years I don't participate in new years resolutions mainly because I don't stick to them and by the end of the first week in January its well and truly forgotten about... this year is a different story... this year my new years resolution is to learn to swim.... my mum had swimming lessons as a child but still couldn't swim but last year she learned to swim and got her bronze medallion and I couldn't be prouder of her... she is my inspiration... my mum paid for many swimming lessons for me as a child and I still cant swim...

so yesterday I'm so proud that I booked in for swimming lessons which start on the 7th of February and I get a swim pass to go when ever I want :)

I think this is the motivation I need :)

anyone else have a new years resolution? If you say it out loud it gives you a little more motivation to follow through because someone else knows about it :)

Monday, 6 January 2014

Moruya Rodeo 2014

My favourite thing about new years day is the Moruya Rodeo... since Mum met my Step Dad we have been going down the coast (I did travel down the coast as a child to visit relatives) so going to the Moruya Rodeo is such a great experience and I have to say I was a little worried in the beginning about the animals but it didnt take me long to realise they looked after them and made sure they didnt get hurt :)

and I have to say those bull riders and broncs riders have guts

junior steer riding (these kids have balls)

team roping 

novice bull riding 

barrel race

the cutest under 11 barrel racer :) she got lots of cheers

breakaway roping

junior steer riding

the rodeo clowns

a bull that didnt want to get out of the ring

team roping 

novice bareback

novice saddle ride

trick riders

steer wrestling

novice bull riding 

open saddle ride

rope and tie

open bull riding

open saddle ride

my favourite events are the barrel racing and the saddle ride.... I love how fast they go around the barrels and how some of the horses are so ready to run that they can hardly keep still and the saddle ride is amazing when you see how high the horse bucks its amazing