Friday, January 3, 2014

First Stop Christmas Adventure

Our first stop on our Christmas Adventure was to my Dad's farm.... he had 4 new kittens who were sooooooo cute and I just wanted to take them home :)

they were so cute :) I got them some fluffy balls and mice and they went absolutely nuts :)
the kittens climbed all over the presents and even tried to open a few :P

at one point we thought we'd lost a kitten... my Dad and Step Mum went out to pick up my Step Sister and they were gone no longer than 5 mins and we were down a kitten... my hubby was really worried and we searched all over the place looking for the kitten with no luck... I told him not to worry and that when they got back they would tell us were the kittens liked to sleep and we would find him there... hubby didnt believe me and even put Mummy Cat outside to look for her baby in case it had gotten out... when they got back home first thing hubby asked as if they took a kitten with them and of course they didnt.... my Step Mum knew exactly were the kitten was and the same thing had happened to my Dad... he was sleeping behind the foxtel box because it was warm back there....

so the kittens names were: Clarence (after the cross eyed lion because he went cross eyed occasionally), Fatty Patty (because he always had a fat face) Indi (because she was so independent) and the lucky last little kitten didnt have a name.. and that was the kitten that I wanted... but being that my hubby is allergic to cats and my Dad and Step Mum are terribly attached to the kittens I couldnt have it :(

it would've been the best present ever....

so Gracie was just the same and Tiger Lily is big and fat... they have finally weaned her but she hasnt been integrated with the other sheep yet but Dad has plans of fixing the fences so she cant get out so once thats done she'll go in with the other sheep... we did put her in the paddock to practice being a sheep and all she wanted to do was come out even when my hubby tried to scare her away she stayed right near us :P

Dad also got 10 chicken eggs and 1 duck egg from a childcare centre which all went into the incubator... Dad didnt think many of the eggs would hatch but it didnt hurt to put them in there... there were also 2 silky chickens sitting on eggs and we left Dads farm on Christmas Eve and none of the eggs had hatched but the next day 3 chickens had hatched 1 from the incubator and 2 from one of the chickens... a couple of days later I called and Dad said there were 7 new chickens in total and 1 chicken was still sitting on eggs...

while we were at the farm the cutest little lamb was born but unfortunately it died a couple of days later which was a little sad

over all it was a good visit to the farm and I cant wait to do it again soon...

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