Monday, January 6, 2014

Moruya Rodeo 2014

My favourite thing about new years day is the Moruya Rodeo... since Mum met my Step Dad we have been going down the coast (I did travel down the coast as a child to visit relatives) so going to the Moruya Rodeo is such a great experience and I have to say I was a little worried in the beginning about the animals but it didnt take me long to realise they looked after them and made sure they didnt get hurt :)

and I have to say those bull riders and broncs riders have guts

junior steer riding (these kids have balls)

team roping 

novice bull riding 

barrel race

the cutest under 11 barrel racer :) she got lots of cheers

breakaway roping

junior steer riding

the rodeo clowns

a bull that didnt want to get out of the ring

team roping 

novice bareback

novice saddle ride

trick riders

steer wrestling

novice bull riding 

open saddle ride

rope and tie

open bull riding

open saddle ride

my favourite events are the barrel racing and the saddle ride.... I love how fast they go around the barrels and how some of the horses are so ready to run that they can hardly keep still and the saddle ride is amazing when you see how high the horse bucks its amazing

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