Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Years Resolution

most years I don't participate in new years resolutions mainly because I don't stick to them and by the end of the first week in January its well and truly forgotten about... this year is a different story... this year my new years resolution is to learn to swim.... my mum had swimming lessons as a child but still couldn't swim but last year she learned to swim and got her bronze medallion and I couldn't be prouder of her... she is my inspiration... my mum paid for many swimming lessons for me as a child and I still cant swim...

so yesterday I'm so proud that I booked in for swimming lessons which start on the 7th of February and I get a swim pass to go when ever I want :)

I think this is the motivation I need :)

anyone else have a new years resolution? If you say it out loud it gives you a little more motivation to follow through because someone else knows about it :)

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