Sunday, January 5, 2014

Second Stop Christmas Adventure

Next stop was to my MIL's for Christmas Eve dinner at her sisters place followed by Christmas Lunch back at my MIL house... it was nice to catch up with my MIL and my hubby's family... and this year for Christmas my MIL bought me a beautiful dress 

it was nice to see Nonna at Christmas Lunch and I have to say she's looking really good which is nice to see after her having a few health problems recently
then boxing we went to see Nonno and he is also looking good :)
and I also thought it would be good to visit spotlight since their sales started on boxing day only to be rudely turned away at the doors because they didnt open until the 27th....

it was pretty funny that the auto store that my hubby went in to kill time while I was supposed to be shopping was open and they were even having a sale (which was the first thing I saw when I went in the door)  but hubby didnt notice the big signs plastered all around the store and when talking to a sales assistant she said that most of the guys didnt notice the sales signs 

by the time boxing day night rolled around we had traveled on to visit my Mum

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