Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Swimming

this morning I went swimming and for more than an hour my hubby sat and watched... why? because he decided he didnt want to go swimming... which was fine by me... but when ever he asked me if it was time to go I said no... it was time to go when I was tired.... so I did 26 laps with my kick board and 10 laps breast stroke (which is the only stroke I really remember from swimming lessons as a child)... we literally walk out of the swimming pool complex and hubby stated complaining it was hot and that he wanted to go swimming (jokingly)....

so after some lunch and rearranging the garage hubby said we should go swimming again but that the pool probably wasnt open still being a Sunday... so a quick search online showed that it was open until 7pm... so off we went to go swimming and I did about 15 more laps of breast stroke and floated and played in the water for about an hour and a half.... by the time we got out I was thinking it must be dinner time because I am hungry :)

another good day swimming

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