Monday, 10 March 2014

Did you think I feel off the face of the planet?

Did you all wonder where I had gone and why I hadn't posted anything... there's a really good reason for that :D I'm pretty proud to say that we bought a house :D we're all grown up now :D I have been busy packing (with not much cooking or sewing happening, in fact there's been none at all because I have packed it all up :P )

I'm pretty excited :D I have to say there are 3 things that I'm most excited about this new house
1. no stairs (I hate the stairs we have here they are just plain awful)
2. a big clothes line (yay more than 2 loads of washing will fit on the line at the same time)
3. we can hang pictures where ever we want (:D)

so you probably won't hear too much from me over the next few months but it won't be too long before I'm cooking and sewing up a storm :D don't forget to have a look at my website I will have some fabulous new items up for sale after the move but for now any nurses out there don't forget to check out my scrub hats :)