Sunday, 18 May 2014


Chima lego is all the rage at the moment and being that my nephew was turning 6 and is into all the different fads he got Chima lego for his birthday... I always found it fun, when I was a kid, to build the different thing.. but I never built what was supposed to be built... I just made it up as I went along and did what I felt like... but my nephew is different.. he doesn't like playing with his lego unless its built as it is supposed to be built and he doesn't like to build it himself... so lucky Auntie Nikki got to build the Chima 

this is the pile I started with

This is what I built first

The end product

I have to admit it was pretty cool the way the bits all moved and there was a cool eagle guy and a bat guy as well as the bit of garden... but it was pretty painful putting it altogether but I got there in the end


When visiting for my nephew's birthday they had a surprise for me.. they had picked up their baby chickens from the childcare centre.. and they are sooooooo very cute...

their names are Batman, Captain America and Chippie.... Can you tell what the kids are into at the moment? :P

these chickens add to 1 kitten (named kitten) and 1 dog (named digger)

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Chess Board Cake

So it was Seth's 6th birthday and although he is only 6 he loves to play chess, so for his cake I decided to surprise him with a chess board

All the pieces are edible and he was very excited to be able to play with the pieces and put the on the board

and this is the exact reason you never leave a cake unattended within reach of a three year old :P hehe

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Monday, 12 May 2014

Chef Hats

Hi Everyone

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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Superman Cupcakes

Schools are a bit more strict these days with allergies, which I find really frustrating... I was originally going to make cupcakes for my soon to be 6 year old nephew to take to school, but luckily I only got as far as making 10 toppers before then school responded back saying no cakes for school.... so I decided I would make 10 for him anyway, I had gone to the effort of making the toppers so I decided that it would be nice for them to have the cakes

so here they are

And the verdict so far is that they are pretty good cupcakes :)

Easter Puppy

Yes I'm one of those mean people that puts things on my pets and takes photos of them and I of course had to have a picture of the Easter Puppy

As you can see it can be difficult to take pictures of this illusive creature :P

I can't wait until Christmas :P

Birthday Party At Auntie Nikki's House

My 2 nephew's that live in the same city as I do have their birthday exactly 1 week apart... so the little one turned 3 on the Friday just gone and the older one turns 6 this Friday.... the big one is playing football on Sundays and because there is split custody of the kids it makes things a bit difficult sometimes... so we decided that have a little party for the little one today after football they came over and being that it was Mother's Day today it was nice that my sister didn't need to cook

so I asked the birthday boy what he wanted on his birthday cake and he was for lots of lollies.. being 3 you can't blame him for that... my sister suggested a frog in the pond cake, the good old fashioned woman's weekly cake....

so this is what our party looked like

and the birthday cake

I loved the candy sharks in the pool.. and it was hard to keep the kids from touching it because there were so many lollies on the cake :)

long story short.. the kids had a good time and so did my sister, and we even got to see my Grandparents :)

Sausage Rolls

It's funny to say but I have never made sausage rolls from scratch before... I have always had store bought ones... until well today... I decided to make some for my nephew's birthday party today... :) and I have to say I was pretty impressed with how they turned out in the end

there weren't many left by the end of it and those that were left are now in my belly :D

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Puppy Preschool Lesson 2

so it was our second puppy preschool lesson today and again I'm happy to report that Cadbury didnt get a timeout this week either :D again only one day got a timeout once... and there were 2 extra puppies this week..we did diet and food this week with the last little bit of us practicing stay while everyone else were mastering sit and down.... and just like last week Cadbury is worn out and just about ready for bed... after running around so much with the other puppies....

funniest part is we have the fat food orientated puppy... if the teacher leaves the treat jar on the floor Cadbury is the first one there and gobbles as much as she can... and if the teacher has treats in her hands then Cadbury loves her...or anyone in fact that has food.... I think this is why training has been so very easy as she is very food orientated... only one puppy wasn't interested in practicing to sit... which I would have to say would be very frustrating if she wasn't so food orientated....

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Very Productive Saturday

So today was busier than I was expecting :) starting out with couch hunting :) and that was a lot of fun :D testing out the couches is a very important job and I'm pretty pleased to have been left with that job hehe

we ended up going to about 6 different shops, and at each one I think I tested at least 6... that's a lot of couches.... the worst part is when you sit on a really hard couch and it looks soft but it really isn't.... so after testing so many couches we finally picked the one that we like and it's the second piece of furniture that hubby and I have agreed on 100%... because we both have very different taste.... so in something like 3-4 months time we will have a new couch :D

then it was off to puppy preschool which was really interesting.... Cadbury was so excited to meet all these puppies... well at first she wasn't so pleased :P she didn't like these puppies smelling her... then she was running around chasing these puppies like a mad puppy :P this afternoon after puppy preschool Cadbury has been very quiet and snoozy... 

the other thing that makes me feel like I have achieved a lot is I went from 25 boxes in the man cave to about 5..... although they aren't all unpacked but they are in the house waiting to be unpacked tomorrow....

for now its just going to be a quiet evening and an early night to bed

Friday, 2 May 2014

New Family Member

So a while ago my hubby decided that he wanted a puppy.... and I'm an absolute idiot because I finally agreed that he could have a puppy.... the only condition that I had was he was to look after it and that I got to name it... because the names he was picking were awful.... defer (as in d for dog)... he agreed to my conditions with his only condition that if I got a cat he was able to name it (just quietly I don't think I'm ever going to get a cat cause hubby is allergic :P) so about a month ago the cutest little chocolate Labrador turned up at our door step...

I named her Cadbury :D which I think is a clever name and her parents names are Cocoa and Chip...

she has a very sweet personality but she can be a bit of a monster at times.... so she is 13 weeks and tomorrow we are going to puppy preschool (which will be very interesting)

she gets very excited when she meets anyone (animals or people) although she isn't allowed to go out for a walk yet but she had puppy friends that she talks to through the fence and she does get very excited... 

my sister has a dog (a border collie) and they had a kennel that was never used at all, and it was someone else's before them and that dog again didn't sleep in it.... I think Cadbury is the first dog to go into this kennel... I will admit that she is a very spoiled dog, she has 2 pillows and heaps of towels that she snuggles into (she does still sleep inside over night being that it is very cold and going to get colder)

I can't believe how big she is getting :)

Although I didn't really want a puppy she is pretty cute :)