Sunday, May 11, 2014

Birthday Party At Auntie Nikki's House

My 2 nephew's that live in the same city as I do have their birthday exactly 1 week apart... so the little one turned 3 on the Friday just gone and the older one turns 6 this Friday.... the big one is playing football on Sundays and because there is split custody of the kids it makes things a bit difficult sometimes... so we decided that have a little party for the little one today after football they came over and being that it was Mother's Day today it was nice that my sister didn't need to cook

so I asked the birthday boy what he wanted on his birthday cake and he was for lots of lollies.. being 3 you can't blame him for that... my sister suggested a frog in the pond cake, the good old fashioned woman's weekly cake....

so this is what our party looked like

and the birthday cake

I loved the candy sharks in the pool.. and it was hard to keep the kids from touching it because there were so many lollies on the cake :)

long story short.. the kids had a good time and so did my sister, and we even got to see my Grandparents :)

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