Friday, May 2, 2014

New Family Member

So a while ago my hubby decided that he wanted a puppy.... and I'm an absolute idiot because I finally agreed that he could have a puppy.... the only condition that I had was he was to look after it and that I got to name it... because the names he was picking were awful.... defer (as in d for dog)... he agreed to my conditions with his only condition that if I got a cat he was able to name it (just quietly I don't think I'm ever going to get a cat cause hubby is allergic :P) so about a month ago the cutest little chocolate Labrador turned up at our door step...

I named her Cadbury :D which I think is a clever name and her parents names are Cocoa and Chip...

she has a very sweet personality but she can be a bit of a monster at times.... so she is 13 weeks and tomorrow we are going to puppy preschool (which will be very interesting)

she gets very excited when she meets anyone (animals or people) although she isn't allowed to go out for a walk yet but she had puppy friends that she talks to through the fence and she does get very excited... 

my sister has a dog (a border collie) and they had a kennel that was never used at all, and it was someone else's before them and that dog again didn't sleep in it.... I think Cadbury is the first dog to go into this kennel... I will admit that she is a very spoiled dog, she has 2 pillows and heaps of towels that she snuggles into (she does still sleep inside over night being that it is very cold and going to get colder)

I can't believe how big she is getting :)

Although I didn't really want a puppy she is pretty cute :)

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