Saturday, May 3, 2014

Very Productive Saturday

So today was busier than I was expecting :) starting out with couch hunting :) and that was a lot of fun :D testing out the couches is a very important job and I'm pretty pleased to have been left with that job hehe

we ended up going to about 6 different shops, and at each one I think I tested at least 6... that's a lot of couches.... the worst part is when you sit on a really hard couch and it looks soft but it really isn't.... so after testing so many couches we finally picked the one that we like and it's the second piece of furniture that hubby and I have agreed on 100%... because we both have very different taste.... so in something like 3-4 months time we will have a new couch :D

then it was off to puppy preschool which was really interesting.... Cadbury was so excited to meet all these puppies... well at first she wasn't so pleased :P she didn't like these puppies smelling her... then she was running around chasing these puppies like a mad puppy :P this afternoon after puppy preschool Cadbury has been very quiet and snoozy... 

the other thing that makes me feel like I have achieved a lot is I went from 25 boxes in the man cave to about 5..... although they aren't all unpacked but they are in the house waiting to be unpacked tomorrow....

for now its just going to be a quiet evening and an early night to bed

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