Thursday, 21 August 2014

Free Range Puppy

it has been the longest 2 weeks of my life (well technically 3 weeks in total) and we have finally reached the other side :D

Cadbury's stitches got taken out this morning meaning the cone of shame could finally come off and she can go outside :D

I wasnt very happy when the nurse was tell me off because Cadbury has put on a bit too much weight over the past few weeks... I almost wanted to ask her what she expected from a lab with so much energy not being allowed to do anything... she tried to tell me if you give a lab 10 bowls of food they will eat 10 bowls of food... well I have a puppy who is the exception to the rule... Cadbury didnt eat all her dinner last night and regularly doesnt eat all her food.... she's tried to bury bones if shes too full.... 

oh well at least she can go outside now and I can get my house back :) perfect timing with a cake to make for this Sunday

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Magic Dog

ever heard of a dog waking up in the middle of an anaesthetic?

now you've seen her

we went to get her desexed and they get second cut in and she woke up and contaminated everything..

she was very sad the night after even though they didnt get very far she had the cone of shame and a drain in.. and they told me I needed to keep her calm... they said this after meeting her and her jumping up near the counter and knocking everything off..

so 1 week later we went back to try again.... hubby and I agreed that if she woke up again it was a sign that she wasnt meant to be desexed and we wouldnt go through with it but luckily she didnt... they did say her recovery was very quick again (5 minutes) and that they had to put a blanket over the create to get her to rest...

we go back on thursday this week to get her stitches out and then she can finally have the cone of shame off... we also have been giving her sedatives to keep her calm so it will be nice to have our bouncy puppy back without the risk of having to have more surgery

4 more days :D

and now you are completely caught up :)

10000 days

I recently turned 10000 days old :D my hubby told me about it other wise I wouldnt have even though of it.. he was going to decorate the cake for me and I was going to get all the decorations and make the cake and ganache

but it ended up being me make it all... oh well

it tasted pretty good :)

my sister's partner is a bit of a weirdo and doesnt like cake so he had donuts and lollies

and cant help himself playing with his food

Nonna's Thread

so my hubby's Nonna has recently gone into a nursing home and she was a professional sewer... I wasnt a sewer until a few years back... well I learned as a child but relearned more recently.. well noone else in the family is a sewer so I got all of Nonna's thread and I couldnt believe how much she had....
there were over 250 thread from small or extra large

these are the large ones

and this is a basket full of all the small ones 

I needed some way to be able to see all the thread and so I came up with this idea

each nail was painstakingly hammered in and then spray painted it silver

so these are my threads

and this is now with Nonna's threads

I now have about 300 threads :D I may never need to buy thread ever again or maybe I will

Garage Sale

we had a garage sale on the coldest day ever... I sat out under the carport and had everything out for sale 

and I was pretty impressed with all the things that I sold... but not everything got sold.. the rest got packed up and given to charity... all money that I raised from items I sold, is going towards my baby fund (which I hope at some point in time to actually need but for now dont hold your breath :P )

I have to admit I was pretty cold and pretty glad we only did one day

Birthday Teacup

this is the most beautiful teacup I have got this year :D and it makes the tea taste better (ask any tea drinker if your not one)

I got this one from my dad and step mum for my birthday :D

New Fence

we had horrible wooden fence that was falling apart and desperately needing replacement (especially considering there were some nasty dogs on one section that we had barred off)... our back neighbour wanted to do her fences as well... but it took them ages to finish the entire thing 5 days in total with Cadbury being stuck inside

no fences

Cadbury desperate to get out with the workmen 

frames going up 

new fences

now that its finally done I'm glad that it over and done with

no more nasty puppies being able to get through the fence and a heap more privacy

New Couch

we finally get our new couch delivered and Cadbury was the first one on it

it only took a couple of months to be delivered :D and I have to admit its nice to be able to stretch out and we have recliners and everything ... and cup holders.. did I mention the cup holders :D 

and the best part it was half price

yay!! new couch

Farm Trip

We took a trip up to the farm and took Cadbury along to see how she'd go (can you sense a theme)

Cadbury was okay with the animals but she didnt mix very well with my dad's dog.. but i guess with time they will learn to get used to each other...

we had a fresh sheep on the spit and the next day we split it up for all the dogs

Cadbury on our trip home

my hubby is allergic to cats.. my dad has 6 this little kitty was drawn to my hubby

Cute Cadbury Pictures

:D just some cute Cadbury pictures (gotta love my fur baby)

Very Expensive Rocks

we had a problem a couple months back with Cadbury... she was off.. waking up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, vomiting and just not herself... so I took her off to the vet and we got a very very nice vet.. even when Cadbury was biting her fringe she was still happy with Cadbury.. so after a day of a bland diet she was still vomiting and we headed back to the vet for an x-ray.... the results: some small rocks out of the garden mysteriously ended up in Cadbury's tummy..

she was very sookie after her anaesthetic and ended up curling up on the couch with me

look at those sad eyes :( makes me melt every time