Thursday, August 21, 2014

Free Range Puppy

it has been the longest 2 weeks of my life (well technically 3 weeks in total) and we have finally reached the other side :D

Cadbury's stitches got taken out this morning meaning the cone of shame could finally come off and she can go outside :D

I wasnt very happy when the nurse was tell me off because Cadbury has put on a bit too much weight over the past few weeks... I almost wanted to ask her what she expected from a lab with so much energy not being allowed to do anything... she tried to tell me if you give a lab 10 bowls of food they will eat 10 bowls of food... well I have a puppy who is the exception to the rule... Cadbury didnt eat all her dinner last night and regularly doesnt eat all her food.... she's tried to bury bones if shes too full.... 

oh well at least she can go outside now and I can get my house back :) perfect timing with a cake to make for this Sunday

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