Sunday, August 17, 2014

Magic Dog

ever heard of a dog waking up in the middle of an anaesthetic?

now you've seen her

we went to get her desexed and they get second cut in and she woke up and contaminated everything..

she was very sad the night after even though they didnt get very far she had the cone of shame and a drain in.. and they told me I needed to keep her calm... they said this after meeting her and her jumping up near the counter and knocking everything off..

so 1 week later we went back to try again.... hubby and I agreed that if she woke up again it was a sign that she wasnt meant to be desexed and we wouldnt go through with it but luckily she didnt... they did say her recovery was very quick again (5 minutes) and that they had to put a blanket over the create to get her to rest...

we go back on thursday this week to get her stitches out and then she can finally have the cone of shame off... we also have been giving her sedatives to keep her calm so it will be nice to have our bouncy puppy back without the risk of having to have more surgery

4 more days :D

and now you are completely caught up :)

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