Sunday, August 17, 2014

Nonna's Thread

so my hubby's Nonna has recently gone into a nursing home and she was a professional sewer... I wasnt a sewer until a few years back... well I learned as a child but relearned more recently.. well noone else in the family is a sewer so I got all of Nonna's thread and I couldnt believe how much she had....
there were over 250 thread from small or extra large

these are the large ones

and this is a basket full of all the small ones 

I needed some way to be able to see all the thread and so I came up with this idea

each nail was painstakingly hammered in and then spray painted it silver

so these are my threads

and this is now with Nonna's threads

I now have about 300 threads :D I may never need to buy thread ever again or maybe I will

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