Sunday, August 17, 2014

Princess Camping

so its been a while since I've had a chance to post anything.. and so much has happened since my last post so be prepared for a few tonight...

we went camping with 2 other couples but one of the girls was a bit worried about getting too adventurous so we ended up at the caravan park in Budgewoi... and it was fantastic (even though it wasn't like normal camping which is a lot of fun)

we packed the car up so she was in the back but we had things on either side so she had the middle seat and could see us in the front... it was excellent...

we met the other couples in Bowral and when we got there I decided to take Cadbury for a walk to use up some energy... my lovely hubby just watched and laughed as I pulled our go box out as Cadbury jump over me holding the box knocking me to the ground and her metal lead getting caught on my neck.. so after I managed to get everything sorted we went for a walk before heading on the longer part of the trip..

Cadbury figured out that she could rest her head on the middle rest to be close to us

being a holiday park Cadbury had to be on a lead the entire time.. when we first got there the boys were setting up and Cadbury managed to slip out of her harness.. after catching her the first time I managed to catch her again and put the lead on her collar (which is usually a little loose) and yes she managed to slip out of that and jumped into the lake... I ended up coaxing her out and scooping her up and getting drenched in the process.... this is her defeated after being caught again

so I learned to tighten everything a bit so she couldn't slip out and put her at the end of the truck on the chain..

she adjusted pretty quickly and this next picture is of her with the biggest stick she's ever had

 we were close to a beach.. so of course we decided to go to the beach and take Cadbury

she had an absolute ball... she ran in circles, dug big holes and got thoroughly sandy :)

the boys had a good time playing bocce ball

after the beach we had some big marshmallows from costco and after roasting a few there was a marshmallow eating competition

my lovely husband managed 3 marshmallows while I struggled with 1

the Budgewoi caravan park had an excellent jumping pillow

I was just like a big kid :)

the last night we were there we had a games night and brought Cadbury.. after her trying to bury her bone twice I thought she probably wasnt very hungry

this is the best game I have ever played and I have even got one on layby for Christmas :D

the last night we were there we had big winds (and it wasnt just my hubby)... the winds were so strong they knocked the awning off the camper trailer

our tent

the other couples tent

I was so glad when we put extra tent pegs in the other couples tent otherwise it might have blown away over night..

Cadbury on the trip home

we had a lovely time and I can't wait to go again :D

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