Sunday, 21 September 2014

Team Building Exercise

work has been a bit stressful recently and my boss needed to make a cake for one of her friends... so she asked if I could show her how to make people and bring the stuff to work... so I brought a whole bunch of stuff in and we all sat down for an hour to make fondant people... (for me it was easy but a few others found it a bit stressful)

so here are the end results... now bear in mind that all the people are going into the pool so we decided not to have any legs

here they are altogether

I made this one

my boss made this one

this was my other one (her mascara ran :P)

this is my bosses other one

this was our office workers

this was our receptionists

our office workers ball (she was determine to paint when I didnt bring any alcohol to paint with)

our receptionist made little cut out shapes

so it was a bit of fun and the final cake looked fantastic :D

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