Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Veggie Patch Day 16

:D there were so many little sprouts that I almost missed.. lucky I looked closely 

the first planter box

my tiny little pumpkin

and then I saw another little pumpkin 

my wombok

but then I noticed something behind my little white sign

some more wombok growing and I didnt even know

then I found a tiny little zucchini sprout

and a capsicum sprout

and then found some more pumpkin sprouts :D

middle planter box

watermelon sprout

and then I saw a few more sprouts :D

the third planter box :D lots of lettuce

close up of the lettuce

broccoli is growing well

the carrots :D


no chives yet

and more little dill sprouts :D

yay how exciting :D

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