Monday, October 6, 2014

Camping At Flea Creek

With the long weekend we decided to have a weekend away camping... and its been a while since just hubby and I had been camping and of course little puppy (more like miniature pony) came too...

there were some lovely people that we met while there and heaps of little bunnies hopping all over the place which were quite sweet... the second morning we could hear some wild dogs howling and one came quite close... I think cadbury scared it off even though she didnt howl back to tell them she was there... on the second night she did however growl at something in the dark.... we didnt figure out what it was that she was growling at but it must have scared whatever it was away because we couldnt see anything with the torches... but after going to the toilet and coming back cadbury did growl at me in the dark until I spoke and she realised who I was... it definitely made me feel a bit safer having her there to scare anything off and its funny because she never growls at home so we both had no idea... 

we did have a few problems with cadbury slipping off the harness and running away... with all the fun new stuff around we keep her on a chain thats about 3 or 4m long so she has a fair bit to move around... but she does have a habit of slipping out of her harness and running away which she did 3 or 4 times.... in the end we had to put her on maximum security... which involved the chain being attached to both her harness and collar just in case she slipped out of one she was still attached for us to put back on the chain... while on maximum security she managed to slip out of her harness but not her collar and we put her back together again....

its nice to have a few days together with no phone reception :)

here are a few photos from the trip

the creek view from our campsite

cadbury out for a walk

the view of the creek

cadbury out for a walk

the view from our camp site

from our camp site

view from our camp site

sleeping puppy after slipping off her harness and running away... as you can see she was caught

the first nights bonfire

more of the puppy

the second nights bonfire

tired puppy on maximum security.. in other words chained on collar and harness to stop her from slipping out and running away

big bonfire on the second night

the creek in the day area

the trail to the day area

the trail to other campsites

the view from the trail... we camped straight through there

pictures of the bonfire at night

after running away further than she had been before she was absolutely exhausted she ended up in our bed on her back with her paws in the air... it was really quite sweet

the sun coming up

thats were the wild dog came up to... it kind of freaked me out that it was bold enough to come so close

see how close our tent is

look at the steam :)

driving out... the drainage humps were very steep


it was incredible to see just how tall the trees were and the cliff that we drove along was quite steep and freaked me out a little on the way in




cadbury sleeping in the funniest position on the way home

we had a fantastic time and can't wait to go again... 

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