Monday, October 6, 2014

Veggie Patch Day 36

we went camping over the weekend and came back to a few surprises which was exciting... I should have taken photos yesterday when we got back but I didn't get a chance so today will have to do :D

I didn't take any pictures of the herbs but the mint is looking a bit on the dead side... not quite dead but getting there I think..

the first planter box

pumpkin sprout 
these ones came up over night

these were there yesterday



one has been nibbled down to the stalk :( not very happy about this but I will have to get some powder tomorrow to make sure no more gets eaten)

middle planter box

raspberries are coming along nicely

my strawberry seedling no flowers yet but looking good


and its a bit hard to see but there's a little bit of green coming up and that came up over night

rhubarb is just the same

a bit of a close up of the watermelon that came up over night

the last planter box




my cucumbers were going no where fast... but my sisters were growing wild so she donated a few to the cause and these are them planted nicely :)


beans... there was a small sprout was coming through yesterday and by this afternoon look at them :D

there's 3 little bean sprouts and here I was thinking I'd planted them too early and the frost had killed them

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