Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Shortbread

every year at Christmas I make shortbread for my Mum (she gives me back the tin to refill it :P) and this year I also made Christmas trees :)

these are mums shortbread :)

this is the icing (just plain old royal icing)

a bit of green food colouring

Now I used a lollypop stick to be the centre of my Christmas tree and used some royal icing and an upside down cup while it set

it set nicely over night :)

these are my cookies cooling on the rack

all ready for icing

using the star nozzle I piped an outline in green royal icing

then using the grass tip I added a little extra to give it a more tree like feel

then I started building

then I added somedecorations

and this one got some snow

then I wrapped them all up

and can't wait to give them out when we see our family :)

Cadbury Ate Rudolf

Cadbury got a Rudolf squeaky toy and she spent a short time eating him :P

most toys don't take too long to destroy :P